Bird song

The other day I walked out onto the patio. The birds in the area scurried from my entrance. One birdbrain, in all his scurrying, flew directly into the sliding glass door. I watched as he tried to regain his footing, his wings, anything. Then he just stopped. I thought maybe he had a little bird coma and just needed to rest for a moment, but that was it for the bird. To make matters worse, there was a bird in a tree that would not stop shrieking. It could have been your normal bird shriek, or it could have been for the loss of a love.

Then it started to rain. How to protect this little lifeless being from a soggy ending? So why am I telling you this? If I hadn’t walked onto the patio, he might still be winging through the palm trees. I felt contributory and the flash of sad emotion.

Endings surround us all too often. Surprises knock us off our feet. There is so much we can’t control, and even more that we probably shouldn’t try to control.

But there are things we can control. We can control our attitudes. We can choose in every moment to turn the light on or be angry at the dark. There are no little wins in life. I’d like to find something to celebrate every hour, whether it is a new guest, a smile that lights up a room or a bird that brought me to my senses — how precious our lives are, how quick they may change, how precious every moment. 

I apologize that this blog doesn’t give you more structure about generating profitability, but today I have found that caring deeply is an asset we should build on, not amortize, when it comes to creating days of wonder.