Best of the best

Every year, there are many debates on the right or wrong of award rankings. Don’t worry, I’m not going to add to that discussion.

Instead, I like to look at awards as the confirmation that there is a new generation of restaurants and chefs, like Gaggan Anand, who innovate, dare, accept influences, offer experiences, challenge preconceived ideas and inspire us.

My recent experience at Gaggan in Bangkok (voted best restaurant in Asia in 2015) only confirmed this. Of course it’s nice too that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Telling him that we were coming for the second time to his restaurant, he deadpanned “Oh! Just like me!”

So does it really matter who is the best? Like any ranking, isn’t it more important to give visibility to our profession? I would like to think so!

And by the same token to recognize people like this incredible host (he calls himself “Mister A”). He was serving us that night, and I found out that he never worked in a restaurant before but left the retail industry to join the restaurant as he is that passionate about food. 

Needless to say, we had some of the best service ever that evening.