Benches to defy all norms

These benches will have you on the edge of your seat! Due to the great response to last week’s futuristic seating trend, I sense an offshoot is in the incubator, and it’s called “the bench.”

Identical to the trend examples featured in last week’s post, exotic, artistic and sometimes chaotic benches are starting to appear.

Transforming from traditional and practical to multi-purpose and aesthetically dynamic, the designs are breaking the park-bench styles of the past.

Typically built for the great outdoors, the bench is unveiling options that often may be best suited to indoor public seating spaces. Defying all traditional norms, the newer styles are starting to draw attention thanks to their space-saving capabilities and appeal that will leave your guests downright awestruck! Let’s take a look at a few — some new, some not — with the idea of inspiring you to never settle for “just anything” should “the bench” end up on one of your up-for-review projects. 

Don’t be afraid to carry your theme to a bench, as was the case with this Non-Fiction Book Bench.

Unconventional yet stylish, this bench intrigues, as it’s made out of rubber wood.

Guests love to “expect the unexpected,” which can be found in a style that rolls and bends to give a flexible yet relaxed seating arrangement.

Another impressive innovation, this sculpture bench is made from three continuous steel bars. 

Oversized benches always attract and are great photo opps. This version is made entirely out of fiberglass and was designed with a capacity for more than 14 adults!

Made from a mere bunch of bamboo sticks and minus screws or glue, a bamboo bench makes both a striking and green statement! 

This simple yet sleek lounge is actually a heated bench — the perfect answer to insufficient heat lamps and fire pits!

As always, I look forward to your responses!