‘Be the brand, Luke’

?Be the brand, Luke?

Feel the force. More specifically, be the brand — literally, by trying the “Use Facebook as Page” option if you’re the administrator of a hotel’s Facebook page. 
One of the underutilized features of the updates that Facebook made to brand pages back in March 2011 was a change that allows users to go to Account Settings and switch their “identity” on Facebook from themselves to that of a brand or page that they manage on Facebook. 

I recently had a client ask, “I’m an admin of our hotel’s Facebook page, so when I post to the page, the post appears to other users as being “from” the hotel, not from me. So what extra benefit do I get from actually switching my ‘identity’ with the ‘Use Facebook as Page’ option?”

It’s a good question, and the main benefit is as follows: As a page admin, it’s true that posts to your own page appear to be from the page itself. But formerly, if you wanted to go to another brand’s page and post on behalf of the hotel, it wasn’t possible. Now, you can go to the top right of your Facebook page, click “Account Settings,” then click “Use Facebook as Page.” A list of all the pages for which you are an admin appears. Select the page you wish to post for, and presto — you’re the brand. Now, you can go to a page that might be appropriate for a message from your hotel and add a post. Perhaps the local CVB Facebook page, or another nearby attraction to which you refer guests or a promotional partner you’re currently working with. Be careful to pick a page that will be receptive, lest you overuse the feature and cross the line into spamming.

While you’re navigating Facebook as your hotel’s page, you can also “like” other pages, and they’ll be added to your page’s favorites. Then, you’ll have the ability to “tag” these other pages in upcoming posts (just as you used to tag individuals).

When you’re done, just go back to Account Settings, and you’ll see an option to “switch back to yourself on Facebook.” Just try to remember who you are as you head out and post!