Be a standalone clapper

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending one of the best NFL games I’ve ever experienced. The Washington Redskins played the Chicago Bears. The home team beat the Bears by a score of 45 to 41. With perfect fall weather for a Sunday afternoon football game, the fans were happy with the excitement.

From our seats, my guests and I could see a very passionate Washington fan. Regardless of what others were doing around her, she cheered when she wanted, sang when she felt like it and booed when the mood struck her. She was carefree and enjoyed the moment. It appeared as though she did not have any worries or concerns other than the game that was occurring at the time immediately in front of her. She was a “standalone clapper.” (Send me a note via Twitter, and I’ll share the video of the fan.) She stood up for what she believed in (literally), and it didn’t matter what the rest of the fans were doing. I left the game with a different appreciation of my own beliefs and exited the stadium proudly next to my two guests who wore Chicago Bears jerseys.

MPD: Regardless of others, stand up for what you believe in.