Whether you reference the space that contains a toilet or urinal as a bathroom, washroom, restroom, lavatory, loo or water closet (a.k.a. WC), this room is carrying new expectations above and beyond the most obvious:

  • The need to be operationally sound
  • An expectation it’s spotlessly clean
  • Evoking the perfect mood for relaxation and rejuvenation

The bathroom is the current darling of design. Whether it’s your public facility, a restaurant restroom or the bathrooms in your guestrooms, it’s also the new hub of guest activity for many reasons.

Technology is the culprit behind what insiders are referring to as a tricked-out shower or bath, and many in hospitality are experiencing a bathroom-renovation frenzy. Several trends such as subway, matte and glass tiles; white, spa-like ambiences; and the use of mixed media (a variety of materials) do carry on. But this new trend wave has some powerful new updates to consider:

Black toilets and bathtubs
Black toilets and bathtubs
Metals galore
Metals galore
Weather reports projected in the mirror
Weather reports projected in the mirror
  • Water features
  • Curbless showers for continuous and seamless looks
  • Over-the-top luxury urinals
  • Chromatherapy (the use of colorful lights in your bath or shower)

Although many of these new ideas are generating a great deal of interest, it’s the chromatherapy experience that I think is coming out of left field. It allows guests to set their bath water aglow with a single color session or a kaleidoscope of color via built-in LED lighting and sound system. Experts say not only do you see color, you also feel it as light comes in different wavelengths and frequencies. Based on early Greek, Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, recognizing that “little grows without light,” the theory is color influences emotions and systems of the body, thus the feeling that chromatherapy is a helpful holistic healing method.

In the spirit of researching more on the popular chromatherapy trend, the following is a 60-second video that I have no doubt will give you a full understanding. Enjoy, and as always, I look forward to your thoughts and feedback!