Back to square one

Back to square one

It’s only January, and I am already experiencing strong feelings about 2012 being termed “The Year of the Comeback.” No earth-shattering changes, just four seasons filled with “what goes around comes around” blasts from our past. Not surprisingly, the trend analyzers are attributing the upcoming play-it-safe mode on the U.S. election-year aura, while some speculate it as the tail end of the Will-and-Kate chapter, which sparked a relatively refreshing global wave of simplicity and elegance.

I have also noticed the early repeat performances are spliced with minor new twists. Take, for instance, the return of the mega-hit “Titanic,” this time in 3D. Or, the color aqua, now a slightly darker hue with a new name: pistachio. For ladies, the acrylic manicure has been rebranded as “gel polish,” thrift-store shopping is now the new chic and polka dots are being splattered here, there and everywhere. And let’s not leave out the gentlemen, as the big and bulky single-initial belt-buckle trend wakes up from a two- decade nap.  

With hospitality in mind, one trend jumping ship from the housing market to hotel bathrooms is the glass sink. Originating out of Italy and after a successful run in housing, it was only a matter of time before the traditional hotel ceramic and porcelain models would be sharing the spotlight with a valid competitor. The glass vessels are available in an array of colors, shapes and textures, and because they are spacious in appearance, will work wonders in most settings, traditional or contemporary. Durable and easy to maintain, they are housekeeping-friendly and have the added bonus of being stain- and scratch-resistant.

The bathroom sink is the ideal space to tap into the bright color trend we’ve experienced the last couple of years in lobbies and guestrooms. A brilliant jolt of color in an unexpected space such as the bathroom sink or even countertop will instantly perk up a tired bathroom. For traditional or conservative properties, you cannot go wrong with a texturized glass bowl for a stunning statement.