Back to school?

Back to school?

I’m in a constant battle with myself about going back to college for my master’s degree. The idea of going back to college sounds amazing, but I know post-grad is NOTHING like undergrad. Even if it was exactly like it, I’m not sure I could handle another four years of that kind of that lifestyle, as awesome as it was.  

This internal debate has been going on since well before I even graduated undergrad (granted, that was only a little less than two years ago). I’ve broken it down to the following options:

  • Suck it up. Go to school. Go to work. It’ll be tough, but just do it.
  • Take a year off from work and get it over with.
It’s just daunting to picture how my life would be if I had school on top of all the hours I put into my property. I know I would do it because I would have to, but do I really want to spend a very prime year or two of my life being a stressed-out student on top of being a stressed-out operations manager? The question to that is easy: “No!” What you have to look at is the ROI. Would the years following be that much more prosperous? Would I look back and say, “Wow! That was really worth it.” I’m thinking probably. Then again, it’s never the afterthought that prevents you from doing something.

Another question to ponder is, “Do I really want to go into more debt?” Another obvious answer: “No!” But once again, what about the ROI? Will the money I earn from having my master’s even out the debt I will initially incur? 

To ease my way into the process, I’m taking a professional development course in hotel real estate and asset management from Cornell University (I’m shooting for a master’s in real estate development if I take that route). It’s extremely flexible, and although I’m not sure of the course load, I believe this will give me a good grasp on how I manage school and work. 

Time management has always been an issue with me. I’ve become much more efficient with my time, but I have the tendency to jump from project to project without finishing the initial task at hand. If you ever interview me, there’s my “Where is your opportunity for growth?” answer. 

One of the benefits of this blog is the opportunity to reach out for feedback and advice, which I am always grateful for. Maybe some of the hotel vets out there can weigh in on my dilemma? I’d also love to hear from the younger hoteliers who have gone through this process and can offer some insight. 

Thank you!