Back to basics…and golf

There’s a reason that basics are…well just that, basic. It’s because at the heart of things, they work, they are relevant and they matter. We are all being bombarded with the next best thing, be it in technology, fitness, medicine or even food. But sometimes it pays to go back to the basics to keep you grounded.

We recently started something new at Four Seasons Resorts Lanai, a golf scramble at our Manele Golf Course. We invite guests to join staff and leaders for a friendly game of golf on us. The scramble is similar to our resort manager’s cocktail hour, but allows for a different venue particularly for those guests who like to get in a bit more golf on their visit, and as every hole here has a cliff side ocean view, it’s not a bad day out at all!

Feedback from our guests has been phenomenal. People love these events, sharing some conversation over a drink or a round on the greens. As for us, it gives us another chance to spend time with our guests, hear about their stay, learn what they enjoy about the island or how they like to travel – all things that can help us continue to deliver a great experience to them.  

Bells and whistles are great, yet it’s also important to remember that memories often reflect feelings and experiences, and that human interaction is a vital to building those elements. We’ll see you soon on the 12th hole!