B.E. (‘Before E-Mail’)

Do you remember why you got into the hospitality industry? Was it because you liked the thought of sending  electronic messages and communicating without the need to use your voice? For many of us, we entered into the world of service before much of this technology and “talking” was the preferred and sometimes only method of sharing information.
I continue to see lack of social interaction, even when people are together.
It seems as many of us should try to just “be” in the moment, enjoy the present, and not worry about what e-mail messages or texts we may be missing.  Look your customer in the eye and be focus on them. Leave your phone anywhere but the dinner table when enjoying a meal with your family.
How have you been able to maintain and build upon relationships despite technology? Does it get in the way of delivering service to your customers?
MPD: Live life now; B.E.