Ask the Profit Prophet

Imagine there was a superhero who could answer any and all of your business questions. Well, guess what? There is!

“Ask The Profit Prophet” is a new advice column that’s the “Dear Abby” for business. People have real questions — and the Profit Prophet has real answers.

The Profit Prophet will address areas including organizational culture, personal and professional growth and development, sales, marketing, operations, customer and guest relations, going beyond service and mere satisfaction, and performance development based on the principles that make up Return On What Matters (ROWM).

Send your questions for The Profit Prophet to, or post them in the comments below. Chosen questions will be answered weekly, and you will have the ability to “blog back” as well. Bios and more information may be found at

A little background: The Profit Prophet is the superhero in a new kind of business book that will be released in the near future. Written in comic-book format (think graphic novel), it is a humorous yet profound guide to discover how to unleash greatness from your people, gain alignment and manifest leadership at every level of the organization. In the book, the Profit Prophet outlines seven principles that produce breakthrough results in all areas. His strategies are aimed at any company seeking to distinguish itself in the marketplace, increase the bottom line and win the loyalty of everyone invested in its business — guests, owners and staff.

The story is based upon a case history of a hotel that experienced declining results in all metrics and was facing bankruptcy. The principles applied brought this hotel to the number one position in a short time and are relevant to all businesses that have competitors, business projections to meet and at least one customer and one employee.

“Enlightened leadership unleashes individual potential and creativity into the organization and the community. It promotes leadership at every level and brings about ROWM — Return On What Matters.” – The Profit Prophet