Are we taking care of employees’ smiles?

The best-dressed job candidates and great guest-service agents seem to boast a quick and genuine smile. Recently after class one evening a graduate student shared with me that she was embarrassed by her teeth, as she did not have access to good dental care as a child. She thought it was hurting her during interviews for an internship.

It reminded me of how important dental care is to everyone’s health but how little the media has paid attention to it in the last few years of heated debates about the U.S. health care system. Hoteliers want to hire employees with an inner gift and a natural tendency for exhibiting warmth and care for guests; it would be a shame to lose potentially great service staff over poor dental care or a lack of confidence preventing a person’s innate smile from shining through during the interview.

Which hospitality firms do you see doing a great job of taking care of the inner and outer smiles of employees?