Appy holidays

Appy holidays

I know you’re familiar with a host of apps for your iPhone, your Blackberry or your Android phone — from utilities to games. I expect within your personal Facebook account, you’re also very likely using apps. 

So when it comes to administering your hotel’s Facebook page, why go plain vanilla? There are many easy-to-use applications that will enhance your page’s visibility and functionality for fans. Better still, these apps need not break the bank.  

This post takes a look at one application provider, North Social (owned since February of this year by the folks at Vocus), which offers a one-stop shop for a cost-effective suite of applications that can quickly improve your Facebook page. A few examples include:

  • The “Fan Offer” app converts visitors to fans by rewarding them with exclusive content or an invitation to a special event. The app allows for the creation of a “fan gate” (really just a fancy name for a welcome page) that offers one image to new visitors and a second image and/or text that’s available only after the visitor has liked the page. The app also offers useful “share management” in which the image and message that gets posted to a user’s wall when they share your page can be customized by the page administrator.
  • The “Video Channel” app lets you sync your YouTube channel directly to your Facebook page.
  • The “Photo Showcase” app creates a 10-image “slider” that highlights your best images in large format for visitors.  
  • The “Exclusive” app allows fans to unlock a “fan exclusive” download (an audio file, video file, printable coupon and more) when they share one of your wall posts, encouraging them to do just that!

These are just a selection from dozens of apps available from North Social as part of a single bundle. It’s a monthly subscription model, costing less than typical home cable TV service. The templates are easy to install and easy to use, with video demos available for each. If your New Year’s resolutions call for sprucing up your hotel’s Facebook page to make it more visually appealing, in addition to making the content itself more sharable, then this provider is worth a look. 

I’ve really enjoyed working on these posts for The Social Hotel here at HOTELS Magazine, and look forward to many more in 2012. In the meantime, I wish happy holidays to all! And, if there are other great Facebook apps or app providers you find useful, I’d love to hear about them.