Appreciation for travel agents

Appreciation for travel agents

And now, a word of appreciation for a valued partner… travel agents:

I recently worked closely with a travel agent who was making a week-long booking for a family to visit New York City for the first time. She was amazing. She knew each child’s name and age, all preferences about the parents and their “wish list” of what they wanted to do while in New York. Every relevant detail about her clients was at her fingertips to ensure that they were comfortable and had a great week.

I knew that all of her hard work was going to pay huge dividends for my hotel. It felt like I had the answers to a test before taking it. All her prep work allowed us to roll out the red carpet for the family. We sent amenities to the kids and the parents, and our concierge called them in advance to plan an entire week of sightseeing for them.  They were so happy with us; they plan on returning every year and, icing on the cake, they left a great comment card and TripAdvisor review.

In this age of Internet bookings and impersonal reservation options that make things “easier” for everyone, I realized how important the personal touch of travel agents can be to our success. Travel agents can help create an invaluable relationship between the guest and the hotel, which point and click cannot. This recent experience has inspired me to reach out to the hotel’s top travel agent partners again to personally thank them for all they do.