Another video rant

I have been writing often lately extolling the virtues of cutting through marketing clutter by creating and disseminating creative video. Video is becoming hugely popular online, including mobile, and will certainly allow you to better connect with your next generation of guests.

HOTELS is doing more and more video to enrich its digital editions and we will continue to do so, but what we will not do is create video for video’s sake. I am not a big fan of talking head video interviews where the camera sits still on a tripod with a potted plant being the only other visual in the frame. If you can’t be cutting edge and very creative, don’t do it. If you fail to inspire, video could have the opposite of the intended effect.

Just the other day I was sent a link to some great video from Per Aquum, which is working to make an even bigger splash with its Niyama Maldives property. I feel compelled to share because it is fun and left an impression with me.

Check out the cutout animation of Niyama’s paper island, handcrafted by London-based designer and image-maker Jessica Dance. They supplemented the first video with fun behind-the-scenes footage.

These are great examples of how video can really bring your hotel concept alive.