‘And-and’ experiences

I began writing this blog a little over a year ago, in an effort to share my belief that we as an industry have a real and profitable opportunity to leverage technology to unleash new revenue and profit sources. I knew this would be a great learning experience.

What I have learned is the use of technology can be leveraged to significantly enhance profitability. However, it doesn’t work unless the technology is used in connection with a team that is well trained. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite can occur.

Recently I took the opportunity to visit a new fast-food brand that prides itself on gourmet hot dogs and a unique customer experience. I was very curious what was really different about this new brand.

Upon arrival at the location, I chose to use the drive-thru. What I experienced next was an “OMG” moment.

The drive-thru experience began when I met one of a number of “greeters” in the drive-thru lane who approached my car clad with a communications earpiece, a microphone on his head and a hand-held ordering device in his hand who greeted me by saying, “What would you like to order?” As this was my first time at the restaurant, I replied, “I don’t know. This is my first time here, and I have no idea what you have on the menu.” The experience went downhill from there. After the ordering challenge, I was passed on to another “technology-clad” person complete with a change-making device on his belt, who took my payment but didn’t have correct change.

So, what’s the learning here?

The guest experience is an “and-and” experience. For it to be a truly “differentiated experience” leveraging the use of technology, we must train our team members to create the experience every step of the way, using the technology to enhance their ability to provide that experience that creates repeat guests.

How do you train your teams to create an experience worth repeating? I would love to hear from you.