An eye for the details – and the dust

How are you able to see the little things that matter in your job? You observe others and apply yourself when and where you can help. Were you born naturally to excel in the industry of serving others? Can you teach these skills to others who are thinking about entering the hospitality industry?

For the past 20 years, I’ve been placing coins on a store sign – on top of the horizontal edge of the letter “A” at a nearby luxury mall (see photo). I started this odd tradition during the holiday season on our first visit to see the mall’s decorations when my son was just 1 month old. 

I thought it would be a neat thing to check on at least once a year when we made our annual holiday visit. As the kids grew older, I would lift them up to see if the coin remained year after year. The first penny lasted 10 years, the dime lasted nine years and the nickel one year.  The “A” just received a new quarter that will probably last another 10 years.

Why is this storefront signage never cleaned or even wiped? Why has no one cared for the very important branding sign for this store?

Does your hotel have burned-out lightbulbs? Has the upholstery torn on any of your lobby chairs? 

My take away is twofold:

1. Look and observe

2. Take action

If a customer notices this, why wouldn’t the hotel, restaurant or store?

Take responsibility for the details and own the “me-tales”.  It’s you, your reputation, your story and your brand.

Can you please share things that you’ve observed and corrected that the average eye would not be able to see?