Amazon: Primed for hotel distribution?

Since Amazon cannot deliver your vacation by drone, we will still have to leave the house to travel. However, Amazon’s entry into the dynamic hotel distribution space is poised to change the landscape for buyers and suppliers alike. How? That is the question. When? That is the second question.

One consideration is Amazon’s approach to the learning curve. As a teacher and researcher at heart, this intrigues me and draws me to the Amazon process. Housed under Amazon Local currently, the travel team is on its own listening, learning and relationship-building tour. If you have not checked out the hotel deals yet, you may wish to do so sooner rather than later — so you can “get schooled” on how simple, clean and shopper-friendly they are.

Results from Google’s 2014 Traveler’s Road to Decision study found that the Internet, particularly search and video, is the platform travelers use for inspiration. Additionally, the study identified that fully one-third of leisure travelers and half of business travelers use an OTA for its better site tools and options. Combine Amazon’s differentiation to this data with its customer-centric strength, and we have a powerful player in the pursuit for the travel consumer. Maybe not right now, but soon — and probably sooner than you may anticipate — the Amazon factor will be obvious.

How do you think Amazon will change the battle for the travel consumer?