Always complimentary

Everyone likes to feel they are getting a fantastic value, which is why our no-resort-fee policy is an important component of our overall experience. Our “always complimentary” offerings include many things you would find at great resorts around the world — complimentary Internet access, a comprehensive list of kids’ activities, valet parking and more — and guests appreciate these touches.

But there’s always an opportunity to provide enriching interactions under this umbrella too. These moments give our guests a sense of place and allow us to share elements of our culture and life here on Lanai. Here on the island, we provide complimentary guided hikes around the resort area, complimentary snorkel safari in our amazing marine reserve and more.

From a business point of view, it’s important to note these moments aren’t ones that require a large financial investment but deliver true results. From hula demonstrations, Hawaiian lei-making and coconut-husking to learning about our rescue birds, guests can meet and learn from our colleagues and return home with memories that embrace the spirit of aloha and hospitality from the heart — connections that provide value beyond dollars and cents.