Almonds not cashews

A year ago, I had a nutritionist evaluate aspects of my blood as my cholesterol and sugar levels were exceptionally high. I went on a strict diet, eliminated almost all sugar and dairy, ate more vegetables and fish, and reduced my red meat intake and alcoholic beverages.

After six months of this regime, my numbers were drastically improved. It appeared as if I would not need any additional medicine to help correct my levels, and my habits were steering me clear of diabetes. I also took 14 supplements daily.

I lost 30 pounds and reached my lowest weight since college. I was energized and enthused. I could no longer find my “double chin” in the mirror reflection from my iPad. I was feeling GREAT!

Time passed, and I remember going to a relative’s birthday party. While everyone ate steak, I had chicken. They ate Chinese, and I had a salad. They finished a brownie, and I had one bite. My body no longer craved sugar and carbohydrates.

By November, I thought I had this new lifestyle in control. My weight basically stayed the same, so I decided I would have two bites of cake instead of one. I had two glasses of wine instead of a sip. I ate cashews instead of the almonds that were recommended.

My most recent doctor’s appointment two weeks ago revealed that my numbers again were increasing — not to the same levels that they were before, but approaching them.

I miss the way that I felt when I had healthier habits — the way that my clothes would fit and the way that photographs of me looked. Today, I am strict again with my diet and exercise. I had a salad for lunch with plenty of water. I will not eat the chocolate chip cookie amenity that will hopefully be placed in my hotel room when I arrive in New York.

A professional athlete trains year-round. A professional corporate athlete also needs to train year-round.

What are the commitments you are making to yourself personally and to your career professionally? Are you able to find a balance so you can enjoy your personal and professional life equally?

What types of commitments are you making to your customers? I am leaving the office early today, so I can’t respond to your lead. I am on vacation next week and will reply when I return. 

Are you only going to eat healthy before you put on a bathing suit or before your next blood test?

Commit to yourself, to your family and to your clients that you will work amazingly hard at balance and happiness, while doing your best to provide what each group needs.

Today, eat almonds and not cashews.