Airing your clean laundry at work

Airing your clean laundry at work

This past weekend, my family and I had the pleasure to spend a few nights at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. It is a year-round resort that offers great lake activities in the summer. While we are enjoying the fact that the area is not very crowded as many schools are back in session, we have found much of the service staff to be tired after a long summer season.  On Saturday, literally, our server yawned and sat down to take our order.

At a convenience store, we went to buy a soda for the kids and found the employees enjoying a “slurpee.” My wife asked what happens after Labor Day when business really slows down, and they said that they bring in their clean laundry to fold on the store’s counter by the front register.

Guests and customers should not be inconvenienced because they visit at the wrong time.  There never should be a “wrong time” to provide service.

Are you training your sales people to provide service when a customer calls at 8 p.m. and they pick up a catering person’s ringing phone? When you have office coverage on Saturday, are you making customers feel welcome when they want to consider your property for a social event? If your team is tired, what are you doing to re-energize them?