Access to free research

Do you want access to high-quality, industry-oriented, valid, reliable research for free?

Many academics spend a great deal of time fulfilling that old, dated maxim “publish or perish” which remains relevant to many university faculty as does the transmitting of knowledge to future practitioners. The science of hospitality, as revealed in this research, is a critical to improving the conditions and profits of our field as the “art” of hospitality.

Engaging with many hospitality professionals through our advisory boards, alumni networks, and former colleagues, I hear often their laments that more university research is not readily available to hospitality professionals, or that it is not considered relevant to the industry executive today. Scholars often research theory and write in styles that are not easily consumable by the lay readers. Some practitioners feel the research, when finally published, is dated, or a subscription is cost-prohibited to the organization with other uses for their R&D and training resources. Mostly, a great deal of valuable hospitality research is difficult to find and not readily accessible to the hospitality and tourism practitioner or policymaker.

In my last post, I wrote about the annual gathering of faculty at the ICHRIE conference, an organization comprised of hospitality and tourism faculty, and publisher of several resources, among them one designed specifically for an industry professional with free access to all. Last year, the Pennsylvania State School of Hospitality and ICHRIE partnered to serve the needs of those hospitality operators, investors, and advisors with just such relevant, readily actionable research on topics current and pressing to the industry.

The ICHRIE Penn State Reports are dedicated to translational research. Translational research is conducted with the rigor of the hospitality scientist, vetted by experts and peers in the field, and written expressly to be consumed and then translated into action by hospitality practitioners and policymakers. Download the reports that have been published to date here

What research question or problem do you see needs the science of research to answer? Let us know what you think hospitality scholars should be researching and translating for an improved industry for us all.