A trend that wipes housekeeping losses away

Is it a trend or is simply a heightened awareness of hotel room germs? 

Long gone are the days of one general-purpose wipe. Today’s offering of individually wrapped, TSA-approved towelettes, are produced to target a plethora of needs in guestrooms making them an increasingly popular housekeeping and guest amenity.

With a high percentage of infections transmitted by the hands of travelers (think doorknobs, elevator buttons and key cards), after a long day of travel, I have a personal obligation to eliminate potential pathogens on my hands before potentially contaminating the room I’m checking into.

It’s also why I have great appreciation for properties that offer wipes before I start engaging with light switches, bathroom faucets, the coffeemaker, iron or hairdryer.  And let’s not forget the remote control, which carries the reputation of being one of the most germ-infested in-room devices guests may come in contact with.

In two of my last five overnights, I was thrilled to come across a much-appreciated female amenity: a make-up remover placed on top of a perfectly folded stack of washcloths.  As a devoted mineral make-up wearer, without one, I am certain I would have permanently stained two washcloths that housekeeping would have had to discard. 

Recently, I was informed by a team of savvy housekeeper managers about their intention, and reasoning, behind expanding their individually wrapped wipe offering for needs above and beyond removing make-up. Wipes made specifically for shoe shine emergencies, remote control sanitation and items guests have forgotten to pack, such as nail polish remover or deodorant, are all excellent additions to their amenities. And guests absolutely love them!

For approximately 18 to 20 cents each, it’s no wonder wipes are gaining in popularity while giving guests a piece of mind while traveling. 

Has your property ventured into offering wipes within their amenity line-up? If so, which wipes been the most beneficial by providing a ROI?