A surprising culinary union

As someone who has spent most of my life in the U.S. Midwest, I can confirm that tea isn’t exactly a regional favorite. Beef, however, is another story. And while tea and beef may seem like an unlikely marriage, that hasn’t stopped Milwaukee’s Pfister Hotel from playing matchmaker.

For about a month, Café Pfister has served a fortified version of the hotel’s more-than-a-century-old house-made beef broth in the style of Victorian tea. Guests can even customize their broth with herb sachets such as orange-thyme, black-pepper bacon and garlic-bay leaf.

Just in case that still seems strange, consider that the broth fits the trendy Paleo diet and is even believed to reduce joint pain and inflammation, prevent bone loss, improve digestion and brain health, boost immunity and build healthy hair, skin and nails.

“The broth is a nutritious substitute for coffee and the perfect complement to any meal,” says Pfister Hotel Executive Chef Brian Frakes. “Additionally, the tea-like presentation blends beautifully with the Pfister Hotel’s classic ambiance.”

What do you think about serving beef broth in the style of tea? Can you confirm the healthful powers of bone broth? I’m interested in your opinions and experiences.