A superstar and the coach

In today’s society, superstars are idolized above all else. We put the stars on pedestals and pay them tremendous amounts of money. Movie and sports stars, in particular, are like gods.

Coaches, on the other hand, tend to get blame and responsibility. Interestingly, both need each other to succeed.

Are you a superstar or the coach?


  • Egotistical: You are the best, and you know it.
  • Individualistic: Your focus is on you because you can control yourself.
  • Self-indulgent: You deserve the rewards you get because you earned them.
  • Narcissistic: Everything revolves around you because it has to if you are going to succeed at the highest level.
  • Self-motivated: You don’t need others to get you going, and you are your harshest critic.
  • Single-minded: You have an uncanny ability to focus on the task at hand. You block everything out. You have tunnel vision, and it works.
  • Untouchable: You are the best at what you do, and nobody can beat you.


  • Team-oriented: You think about the team first and how the parts fit together.
  • Teacher: You enjoy teaching the finer points of a subject. You get pleasure out of others doing well.
  • Tempered: You don’t get too high or low. You understand that life is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Selfless: You prefer others get the praise. You are last in line to make sure everyone around you got theirs.
  • Group-motivated: You are motivated by group dynamics and believe that groups always outperform individuals.
  • Grounded: You stay grounded when in the spotlight.
  • Strategic: You are a chess player. You like thinking about all the angles and the long-term results.