A sensible business code is good sense

We recently came across an interesting book called “The Essentials of Business Etiquette” by Barbara Pachter, and we were struck by the concept of putting together such writings, especially in our fast-paced world with great technological advances that sometimes develop practices that could be said to leave etiquette behind. We were impressed at this very readable work and how it made a lot of common sense and encouraged a spirited code of practice. The devil was in the detail.

It led us to make an attempt at putting together our own basic thoughts about what is important in the hospitality world in terms of people etiquette, both in relation to our teams and customers. Our top five were these.

1. Use ‘thank you’ as a greeting.

How nice it would be to start a greeting, verbally or with a note, by thanking someone for a service or for their business. How often do we listen to people who simply forget those two simple words?

2. Get back to using face time and phone time more.

It’s great that technology has improved our communication ability, but has it been at a cost to our other skills, and have we got out of the habit of traditional ways of effective communications? Some of these are inherent — or should be — in hospitality.

3. Recognize effort, and focus on the good points.

Do we concentrate on the negative too much even in an effort to get things right, and do we thereby demotivate the people around us?

4. Remember and recognize people for who they are.

Names are very important, but so is what people do, want and need as well as what they have achieved.

5. Say what you think about people, but do it in their presence.

More honesty, integrity and truth would assist in reducing pointless and harmful politics in our properties and offices.

Whilst these points are not owned by the hotel business, it seems to us that our world would be more hospitable if we saw more of them at all levels.

Do you have any key codes to share in this respect?