A new jet-setting trend

Attention water resorts and adventurists seeking a dramatic new thrill! Call it what you want — jet flying or jet packing — the controversial water propelled vessels are the latest thrill seeking adventure!

Picking up where flying fighter jets, swimming with sharks, bungee jumping and heli-skiing left off, jet-packing operations are popping up around the world for those desiring to soar through the air via the power of a jet pack.

Rumors are circulating that casinos are even attempting to cash in on the fascination with yet another extreme experience to offer guests. Shuttling visitors desiring to do something adventurous to a basin of water is yet another way to cash in. 

With oversized backpacks strapped to your back, the force of the water shoots guests several feet into the air. Beaches, lakes and harbors are prime water real estate for entrepreneurs desiring to launch thrill-seeking concessions, but there is concern already surrounding the latest adventure.

A proposed standard by ASTM, a standards-development organization, is encouraging those who operate water jet-pack businesses to participate in the development of standards for the new sport. An ASTM subcommittee for water-related amusement rides and devices plans to involve regulatory bodies such as the U.S. Coast Guard so businesses are monitored for safety, operation, maintenance and the inspection of equipment.

If your property happens to be located on or near a waterfront, be sure to take into account other boating and guest activities, as the jets do spray excessive amounts of water, generate noise and leave the smell of exhaust.

With that said, with summer around the corner, this is definitely going to be a trend recreational resorts will want to keep an eye on.