A loaded question?

A friend and I were recently chatting about an interview she had. She was perplexed by a question that was asked of her: “How would you describe your work-life balance?” 

All I could do was roll my eyes, which I’m sure many of you just did. What says it all for me is a recent post by my fellow HOTELS blogger Kevin Buchanan titled “I would rather date a trash man.”

For my friend, the answer was pretty clear, but how to articulate it was not as obvious. Remember, this was an interview, so being overly truthful is not always the best approach. There are two basic routes my friend could have taken. She could have proven her unwavering work ethic and stated she is totally committed to the job regardless of how much it interferes with her personal life, which is true. Or she could have stated that her work-life balance is healthy and right where she would like it to be.

Now, the former option has the undertone of what some would call an “unhealthy” work-life balance, but it shows dedication. The latter, while somewhat untrue, may be what the interviewer wanted to hear. Or is it?

I see this as sort of a loaded question when interviewing for a hotel ops job, but I’m interested to hear your thoughts.