A bright future for sustainable travel

I often get asked the question whether leisure and business travel really can be sustainable. I certainly believe it can.

If we get sustainable destinations, hotel chains, individual lodges and hotels, transportation companies and travelers themselves to work together, I’m convinced that collectively we can make a positive impact.

Although we don’t all always have the time to travel solely overland, as Ed Gillespie so inspiringly describes in his book “Only Planet,” we can strengthen our reflexes to use planet-friendly travel.

ICE restaurant
ICE restaurant

I, for one, always use high-speed trains for business travel if the journey takes three hours or less. An ICE, Thalys or Eurostar are totally comfortable and offer great facilities for the business traveler. The ICE restaurant with at-the-table service even offers a touch of nostalgia.

As hotel chains, we are also well placed to promote eco-friendly travel. The Deutsche Bahn special meeting and events tickets offered by our German Park Inn Hotels are a great success.

There are plenty of good initiatives out there and, at the same time, so much more we can do.

The bright future of sustainable tourism and travel in my view will be in:

  • Sustainable hotels
  • Sustainable travel: More links with public transport, high-speed train networks and working on greener air travel
  • Cooperation in the tourism industry, such as the excellent work done by the International Tourism Partnership 
  • Growth of sustainable destinations
  • More guest awareness and savvy choices

In this blog, we’ll explore all these areas and also scan great ideas from other industries we can apply in travel and tourism.

Let’s “Re:Think” tourism and travel’s sustainability together.

I look forward to starting the conversation!