A better joy ride

I just received some positive news and overheard myself tell someone that I was overjoyed at the potential outcome. My life would have gone on without the news, but I was moved by the feeling of being “overjoyed.” It feels like lightness, titillation, facial muscles defying gravity, and you can actually feel your heart stretch.

So the question is, how can we generate “overjoyedness” at least once a day to enhance the day?

I believe the answer is this: How we talk to ourselves (and others) matters. And the right action …

Have you heard of laughing yoga? I have never attended such a class, but I imagine you sit around a circle and someone starts laughing, and then eventually the room explodes into contagious laughter. I just tried it myself, and I am hysterical as I write. I am always looking for how to improve the sense of well-being in myself and others, so I love anything that is self-generated — positive emotions caused by our very thoughts in the absence of fireworks in the sky or a Rolex under the tree.

If I were running a hotel right now, I think I would create yoga laughter as the “new” happy hour. Hey, no glasses to wash and instantaneous camaraderie.

I sometimes wonder why I wince when I hear people say “Seasons Greetings” — if only because we are always in a season. Wouldn’t it be nice to carry that same spirit forward 365 days a year, be there a tree near your hearth or wildflowers on your table? 

In every department I have ever worked there was always at least one person who saw their purpose as creating joy and uplifting the team. How do we acknowledge and recognize them for the essential gift they bring? 

I just looked up Laughter Yoga International – Global Movement for Health, Joy and World Peace. The website states, “Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary idea — simple and profound. An exercise routine, it is sweeping the world and is a complete wellbeing workout.”

So now that my singular laughter has subsided, with cheeks still sore, I do wish each of you “overjoy,” “underwhelm” and Seasons — without reasons — Greetings.