A balanced diet

Doctors recommend a balanced diet as a way to stay healthy. The same advice also works to keep hotels healthy.

What constitutes a healthy diet for a hotel? In my view, it comes down to a balanced “feeding” of the primary constituent groups served by the property — the owner, the guests and the staff.

In order for a hotel to prosper over time, it must generate a reasonable return for the ownership entity that risked its capital in the first place. You need to pay all bills on time, keep the property in great physical condition and acquire, develop and retain a professional staff. This all requires sustained profitability.

The guest also needs to gain something from the hotel’s operation. Travelers expect personalized service, cleanliness in everything, modern systems and, yes, good memories of their experience. You may very well be leaving some money on the table to generate high levels of guest satisfaction, but that comes with the territory when you’re looking for a balanced diet.

Your staff must be well served in the process, too. Fair rates of pay, good benefits, opportunities for training and advancement, personalized acknowledgement of their contributions to the operation and consistent application of rules and regulations are essential elements of generating high degrees of employee satisfaction and low turnover. Again, some profit may be foregone to make sure the staff is happy and taking good care of your guests. But it’s worth it.

What tactics do you use to balance the diet of your hotel?