A 5-star lesson in wasting energy

Recently I attended the conference of the International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) in Bangkok, and stayed in a 5-star property of one of the big international brands. I was surprised by the lack of attention paid to energy saving.

When I was brought to my room, a key card was already placed in the key card switch and the AC was running. In addition, all lights in the room, including the bathroom, were turned on although it was mid-afternoon. First I thought that this was just for the welcome, but it turned out that this was a normal procedure. The staff left the key card in the switch and absolutely senselessly left all lights in the room turned on after cleaning in the morning.

I thought this may just have happened to my room or on my floor, but other attendees told me the same. The AC kept running on full capacity and all lights were switched on, even though nobody was in the room during the day.

Today such a waste of energy should be out of discussion. Surprisingly, it is not. This is especially the case for international brands that advertise that they are “green.” The big brands should make a statement as a good example regarding energy saving and sustainability and not give the impression that they do not care. Staff who are trained at the hotel and work there will take this mentality to their next job.

The big brands have the obligation to serve as an example and to show that they are implementing energy-saving technologies and sustainable policies. I hope this hotel was just the exception and not the rule!