48 over 48

If you happen to be over 40, are you still permitted to be proud of your personal and professional  achievements thus far? I just returned from a meeting in which an attendee suggested that our industry recognize “30 under 30.” While I love the idea and am all about recognition, it seemed a little strange to me (being 48 years old) that society tends to recognize accomplishments of those of younger generations as being special and unique.
Recently, I was working on a project to identify personal details for Fortune 500 CEO’s, and most of them were in their 50’s. Many of them were now being categorized for honors such as “Top 100 Paid CEO’s.” I would love to turn this approach upside down and consider providing awards for new categories: “Most Fulfilled CEO’s,” “Best Work Life Balanced Presidents,” “Happiest CFO’s,” etc.
Do we need to measure the younger generation by accomplishments and then revise the criteria by inserting monetary goals once we reach “middle age?”
Welcome your thoughts and comments:
MPD: Recognize accomplishments at all stages in life.