25 alcohols in one diner? Trend or madness?

From Tokyo to New York, mixologists are the new stars.

However, Paris was a little bit behind until the last couple of years when the trend seriously made its mark in the French capital and even brought it to a next stage with Dersou, listed in the “ Guide 2016” as the best table in France.

This small restaurant is the result of an inspired meeting between Chef Taku Sekine and Mixologist Amaury Guyot, where the two of them entered into a partnership for an exciting experience. You can choose from a five-, six- or seven-dish menu and for each dish, you will be served an incredible cocktail: The pairing is fascinating, and this is a real global experience where each sip has been created for this particular dish.

Having had more than 25 different alcohols mixed during one dinner, I was slightly anxious about a hangover the following morning. Surprisingly, I woke up in great shape and eager to immediately share this great experience with you, and pay tribute to these two young innovative entrepreneurs. On a personal note, during that dinner, Taku reminded me that he was the #25 out 25 chefs when I conducted the opening of Beige in Tokyo, more than 10 years ago!

Great to see him today in his own restaurant.