2015 brings change

Just days into the New Year and something already feels different as we move forward. So now what? If your over coconut-flavored everything and ready to never see the color fuchsia or a kale leaf again, get prepared for some exciting change trend experts predict will make a big splash in 2015.


Pantone’s top color prediction for 2015 is an earthy-wine red shade. Being tabbed as “Marsala,” expect unusual color pairings to add life to the relatively “dull” hue if used on it’s own.

Technology/social media

Smartphones, which I expect will eventually be rebranded as “life-navigators,” will experience a tremendous amount of use as “digital wallets” thanks to the well-marketed pay by phone apps launched over the last couple of years.

All things mobile go ballistic in the U.S. as Americans spend more than three hours daily on social networks rivaling other activities including television!

Social media hails as the best opportunity for businesses to build brand loyalty. The launch of social media stores accelerates thanks to a surge of social media buy buttons.

A new breed of salesperson is birthed for those with a social media specific background and desire for a comp plan based on increasing likes, tweets, shares, followers, etc.

Hotels revisit “the bed” with the pillow-bar amenity expanding to the entire bed allowing guests to create a custom sleep experience pre-selecting their mattress top, duvet, blanket and throw at the time of the reservation. I also sense al a carte bath menus will surface allowing guests to select their preferred bath experience products and brands.

Scenic tourist signs located at pre-determined locations for tourists to capture great photo’s, will be replaced with relevant “selfie spot” identifiers marked with hash tags and social handles. This is a simple adoption inside or outside a property.

Celebrity spokespeople with impressive social media followings are endorsed by chains to bring life back to their mainstream brands while non-celebrity, everyday locals and hero’s are offered endorsement opportunities by the lifestyle brands.

Alarm clocks will go back to being simple and easy to read!

Employee lockers get upgraded and include universal plug-ins.

Food and beverage

Swiss chard becomes the new kale thanks to its rich content of fiber and low calories.

Grocery stores become increasingly luxurious with 5-star design appointments.

Chocolate and coffee gets darker because “bitter” is in!

Small plates depart for “tiny foods.” (Think 2-bite items ranging from donuts and mini grilled cheese sandwiches).

The number of tables and chair in fast food and casual dining restaurants dramatically reduces due to “improved, expanded and faster” delivery options and more than ever; a lack of time to dine.

Unexpected food trucks make special appearances at airports, shopping centers and hotel lobbies. 

Healthy vending machines filled with fruit and vegetables start showing up in gyms, hotels, workplaces and schools. 

Grab n’ go outlets get their first restructure as upscale stores from the grocery channel brand the space. Possibilities include Trader Joes, Dean & Deluca and Whole Foods.


As retail malls continue to decline, supporting local and smaller shops, consignment stores and even Goodwill stores gets more popular than ever.

A desire for opulent luxury brands and higher-end merchandise returns while online luxury sourcing gets bigger than ever and especially at Ebay.

Health and nutrition

“Text-neck” is identified as a major source of back and neck pain.

Liquified charcoal pushes the popularity of coconut water and aloe vera water down a notch due to it’s incredible ability to naturally detoxify.

There is already an Instagram hash tag dedicated to “bone broth” which is made by boiling chicken and beef bones. The concoction can do just about anything-shinier hair, clearer skin and treating cancer and the fan base will pour in due to the proven benefits of the concoction.

Medically used for years to treat severe epilepsy, the high fat, ultra low-carb Ketogenic diet will become a major trend in 2015 as it increases fat-burning, prevents cravings and improves brain function.